Slow Internet Connection

This is to inform all (followers and being followed) blogging friends that due to slow internet connection and probably WP glitches, many a time the posts I click like in one session appear as not liked in a later session. I am also unable to see pictures in some of the posts. Sometimes I cannot reply to comments.

Please be assured that I do go through all the posts. It may not show though.


Dr. IQ

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7 comments on “Slow Internet Connection
  1. Thank you for letting me know. May the Internet world get faster for you. There is no need to reply to this message. I know your thoughts are there.

  2. Vicki says:

    I’ve got two blogger friends going through WordPress clitches at the moment. Seems we all get hit at one time or other.

    I’ve had trouble seeing some photos over the last week or so too. I wondered if bloggers were uploading them at full size (which does take longer to load)?

    But then, I couldn’t open 3 different blogs this last week at all. I find it intermittent and there seems to be no rhyme or reason for those 3 to NOT open, and yet all of the other WordPress Blogs I follow, DO open. It remains a mystery to me. I’m a bit ‘technology-challenged’ anyway.

    I follow nearly 80 blogs and while many of them only post once a month (or less), I STILL only get email notifications of about a dozen regulars. I don’t use the reader as I get dizzy scrolling through them on the screen. I prefer to get email notifications of new posts. I give up. I just read what I can and press the ‘like’ button if I like it. I hardly comment at all these days as my life has got busier and I just don’t have the time. I’ve even had to give up some of my photography newsletters I used to subscribe to.

    I have a ‘wireless’ internet connection and with living in the inner city near several wireless towers, rarely have a problem, especially with the new(ish) Apple Mac Pro. I also have my Apple backup machine set up ‘wirelessly’ on the other side of the room, so there is very little chance of losing all my data. I’ve got the Mac Pro plugged into a power surge protector as well. In in all, I’ve done as much as I can.

    With the old Windows desktop computer, I was having problems all the time and also had 4 major computer crashes and had to rebuild everything (or my brothers did, I should say).

    Hope your connection comes back soon.

  3. Mike Pratt says:

    Thanks for the update 🙂

  4. BookOfBokeh says:

    Ouch! That will hurt!

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