Cuteness in Abaundance

Saw these little angels the other day:

IMAG0118 - Copy (2)

So, what are they up to. Well, all Muslims learn to read Quran from an early age. Regardless of the native language, we learn to read Quran in Arabic. Either the families hire the Reader/Teacher from the mosque who will come to their house to teach or we will snd our kids to the mosque every afternoon. That is where the kids are going.

Many in Pakistan may not go to school and cannot read and write but will be able to read Quran. It is really amazing considering that Arabic is not our native language. Understanding the meanings is another matter though.


I am not talking about ‘Talibaan’ style Masrissas here. Just regular learning.


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4 comments on “Cuteness in Abaundance
  1. Vicki says:

    They do look so cute (as Thomas says).

    How amazing to be able to read in another language and (may) not have been to school.

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