Old City Hyderabad

Hyderabad is located some 160km from Karachi is ancient capital of the province Sind. The word Sind is derived from Hind or Indus. There is an old fort and at one time the entire population lived inside.

Located this beautiful building right in front of the entrance:


Entrance to the old city:


Since we have such an abundance of ancient historical architecture, this never got the attention it deserves. I can see encroachment all over defacing the beauty of the gate.

But when we try to renovate, this is what may result, as seen from the inside:


Just flat and boring. Old architects never worked with straight columns and beams. They believed in arches and domes.

A very sorry state of affairs here. Nevertheless, enjoy.

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4 comments on “Old City Hyderabad
  1. Fazal Abbas says:

    A very sad state of affairs. Hyderabad is not alone. We have never given attention to our heritage it deserves. I got the chance to visit Hyderabad last year. Very hospitable people.

  2. Borja says:

    I share your feelings of encroachment, paving over history to put up a shopping mall. I do hope there is restoration in preserving cultural history for generations to come. I do enjoy your images. Thank you for sharing.

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