Kocatepe…The Interior

The Big Mosque is officially known as Kocatepe Mosque. It is not an old mosque and was built in the 70s. The interior is multi level, so I will take a few posts to cover it.

First shot as one enters the main hall:

The big globe is beautiful and is hanging right in the middle of the hall:

The mosque is big and serene and one can just spend some quite time here.


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13 comments on “Kocatepe…The Interior
  1. eldinsmille says:

    and symmetrical.

  2. Vicki says:


    Your photos are excellent (in showing the details). Look forward to seeing some more.

  3. Uncle Spike says:

    One of my favourite’s for Friday prayers… but don’t forget the shades for when ya come out; the marble is soooo bright in the courtyard!

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks. I have been to Ankara twice (I think) but to Istanbul sever times. I just love the mosques in Turkey.

      • Uncle Spike says:

        Have you seen any small village ones? Usually the Imam lives right next door, so if go have a look, I’m sure you’d we welcome.

      • Dr_IQ says:

        Unfortunately, I have not seen inside of the small ones. Next time I am in Turkey, I will make it a point. But then, I have been to many small ones in Pakistan. Just never thought to photograph the local art.

  4. Mike Pratt says:

    Wow, what an impressive space. Wonderful to photograph, as you’ve shown us here. That globe is immense!

  5. Borja says:

    What a magnificent capture. I love it.

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