Brazuca and Pakistan


Well, tomorrow is World Cup final. The entire World has been watching and is now waiting for the final. No body seems to notice what is happening in Gaza though. And I think very few people know that the ball which is being kicked around is Made in Pakistan.

Yep, it is made by a firm called Forward Sports situated in Sialkot, Pakistan. The company has supplied over 42 million Brazucas.

Amazingly, over 40% of the work force in the company is female:

They work, hijab or no hijab.

Khawaja Akhtar is the proud owner of the company.
Khawaja Akhtar world cup balls manufacturer

He took up the challenge, at a very short notice, after a Chinese firm was unable to deliver.

This is my tribute to the dexterity of people of Pakistan.

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11 comments on “Brazuca and Pakistan
  1. Fascinating….I did not know that!

  2. sujinyan says:

    I think it is a bit wrong to say that nobody is noticing what is happening in Gaza. Both the BBC and Al Jazeera (both of which I follow) have been doing fairly in-depth coverage. Articles are also in many other outlets, however I consider a lot of them to be too slanted.

    And, although I don’t blog about, I am quite open about how I feel on my facebook page:

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks Su Jin Yan. I am glad that some one read my little reference about Gaza. It was more directed towards fellow Pakistanis. I also try to keep this blog free of politics, religion and other controversial issues. Now a days having fun with macro photography.

  3. MJWC1 says:

    Thank you, Dr – I did not know that and appreciate you sharing. I also appreciate your reference to Gaza – more people need to be consciously aware of what happens there.

  4. three cheers to pakistan’s dare to do spirit and dexterity (i believe the design and construction of the ball required manual work, not possible to automate) i dread to think what would have happened otherwise … use back the jabulani?

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks. People living in Sialkot and around are known for their dexterity. Famous for manufacturing sports goods and surgical instruments and cutlery items. But this, Brazuca thing, is a success story and good case study of business management.

  5. Even if we try to leave politics out of our passion for photography, which we share on the Web, we can still spend a thought for people who suffer. It is always the poor sod who suffers most.

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