Bee and Flower Macro

A set from archives. I had bought the Nikkor 55mm Macro and was testing out the lens. Beginner’s luck I guess:



And when it was at rest:


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23 comments on “Bee and Flower Macro
  1. Really excellent photographs! I believe this to be a bee mimic and actually a Fly.

  2. lauramacky says:

    Gorgeous! I love my new macro. Great job.

  3. Nice shot! They’re called Hover Flies or Drone Flies. They hover in the air… staying in one pinpoint spot… all the while flying! 🙂

  4. Vicki says:

    The first image is particularly effective………. with the white parts of the insect’s body against the dark background.

  5. Borja says:

    Magnificent images. Bravo!

  6. neihtn2012 says:

    Wow! Such colors, clarity and details!

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks. The 55mm/3.5 Nikkor is a very sharp and capable macro lens. It only goes to half the life size though. With extension tubes I can do life size or more.

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