Yet another Macro

One more from my archives:

Lovely colors. Shot with Nikkor 55mm/3.5 micro lens plus extension tube mounted on a Nikon D40.

Just the pattern:
2334667657_4c0f289b1b_o copy

I like both for different reasons. Your opinion is most welcome.


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16 comments on “Yet another Macro
  1. Colour for me, and I thought….that cannot be just a standard macro lens – thanks for the additional details – am yet to venture into extension tubes. Great shot! MM / John 🍀

  2. Stunning – Color, color, color. Yes, yes, yes!

  3. chun2013 says:

    Great works.
    It is so beautiful. 🙂

  4. The colour one is marvellous.

  5. Vicki says:

    On this occasion I like the colour shot best. Unusual for me as I’m a big fan of B & W.

  6. Mike Pratt says:

    Hmm….today I’m torn between both. I love the colours in the first, but that black and white version is quite nice. Very good.

  7. Love the rich colours!!

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