Meet Manil, my niece. Back in 2007, when I bought D40, she was the cutest little girl in the family and my favorite and frequent model. She is still cute but today I present a cropped portrait from 2007.


Somehow, I am not able to convert this image to a good B&W image.


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9 comments on “Manil
  1. It is nice to bring this one back. I really think that the color is fantastic. Her eyes are so brilliant. Wonderful photo.

  2. jlmphotos says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Both the image and the little girl. Well done!

  3. Borja says:

    This is precious. Wonderful capture.

  4. Vicki says:

    Beautiful photo and Manil’s eyes are lovely too.

    (when I convert my colour images B & W, I always have to increase the exposure and/or contrast which suggests my colour images are under-exposed of course. Perhaps you might try increasing the mid-tones if you want to Manil’s image in B & W – her face may need some more tonal range. She has very beautiful skin, but not much in the way of shadows like us adults, or even teenagers).

  5. […] A couple of months back I posted a portrait of Manil, my niece: […]

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