Last of Mano

Our cat was attacked and killed by street dogs early in the morning. Just a day before I took a few photographs.

Perched on the wall and looking outside.
DSF22305 copy
Outside is an empty plot where it all happened.


Brought in the house, about three years ago by my son Musa:


It was equally loved by the little ones:


But it was closest to my wife who actually took care of it day in and day out:


She has been busy in receiving phone calls from across the world (many of my family members live abroad) and crying:


We are going to miss it.

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26 comments on “Last of Mano
  1. Joe says:

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your cat.

  2. beyondlisbon says:

    So sad 😦 My regards to your wife and the rest of your family. Pets are often like family members to us.

  3. Espirational says:

    What a horrible way to lose a family pet. My sympathies to your family.

  4. bvolunuev says:

    so sorry… I have two cats that I am very attached too and couldn’t imagine anything happening to them. I hope you can find the comfort you need during this hard time. Oh, and dogs suck!

  5. I’m very sorry for your loss! Loosing a pet is like loosing a family member. That cat was beautiful.
    (If I may, I suggest – after a while – consider getting a kitten for your wife. It won’t replace your cat, but it will help fill that void with another form of beauty and joy.)

  6. Dave Nash says:

    Sorry to hear that.

  7. Aw so sorry for your loss. What a beatiful ball of fluff!

  8. andykidd says:

    A great loss to your family 😦

  9. kiwiskan says:

    that is so sad – I am sorry…

  10. Vicki says:

    Very sad indeed. She was such a beautiful cat too and like a member of the family, I’m sure she will be missed by everyone.

  11. Such sad news, she was a beautiful cat…

  12. Lisa says:

    that is sad….

  13. sad to hear of your (and family’s) loss.
    rather unfortunate.
    time is the healer.

  14. fodrambler says:

    I an very sorry to hear the sad story of your loss. It was a beautiful cat.

  15. kcinaz says:

    So sorry to see you lost a dear pet.

  16. Im very sorry to hear that..i never met her but i always had a connection with her, pretty cat ❤

  17. Serap says:

    I will miss the cat 😦 it is a great loss…

  18. So sorry to hear for your loss. She looks like a wonderful pet.

  19. Wow.. I too am very sorry for your loss. I adopted a cat last year and this is my first pet ever. She is now an integral part of our family and I couldn’t imagine losing her now. I am sure that you are glad that you were able to take a few more images of her before this tragedy occured.

  20. Sam says:

    Sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful cat and your lovely photos will preserve those precious memories forever.

  21. themofman says:

    Goodbye, Mano. You are missed.

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