The Mazdoor

Now a days I am not posting much because I do not go out that often. But the kind of street shots I like are actually there right outside my house. today, during my afternoon walk, I met this bunch of ‘Mazdoor’. A mozdoor is a laborer in Urdu.

Resting after a day’s work:

In he morning, at a different spot, many mazdoors gather like this and wait for some one to come and hire them for a days’s work. Tough! No guarantees here.

They were to happy to pose and some were more forthcoming than the others.
The clothes say it all.

Lovely faces.


I hope you like the shots.
Taken with my mobile phone. I did promos them to photograph them with my Fuji on some other day.

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11 comments on “The Mazdoor
  1. Mike says:

    These photos are the best, regular people, thanks for showing us some people on your street! đŸ™‚

  2. tanya nash says:

    Some lovely pics Dr IQ. Glad you’re still posting, even if its only occasionally.

  3. Vicki says:

    Gosh, it seems months since you posted Dr_IQ, but I’m so glad you did. The second image is particularly good. Hope you post some more soon.

  4. Dr_IQ it is great to see you posting. These are wonderful images. I particularly like the first solo image. You’ve captured him with a wistful look in his eyes.
    I hope we’ll see more of your images.
    I hope your teaching is going well.

  5. Sam says:

    Great shots, nice to see your work again my friend! I hope you’re ok and hope you will be able to get out more often.

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