Portraits @ 21mm

I had my cute little 21mm/4.5 Zeiss ZM mounted on Fuji XE-1 and decided to shoot some portraits as I usually do with 50mm. Here is a sample test.

My younger brother, Kashif:
DSF22746 copy

My cousin Waseem:

cousin Nabeel:

And my Nephew, Haris:

O well, the noses look a little bigger than usual. Otherwise, this lens is not good at producing distortion.

Enjoy. Any feedback is most welcome, as always.

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9 comments on “Portraits @ 21mm
  1. Nice photos! Interesting to see the reflection in the sunglasses–showing the other side looking in. Clearly see the photographer with camera in the last photo!!

  2. Nice series. You’re right about the nose. Wide angle lenses create some interesting distortions. You might be able to reduce the distortion in postproduction. Light Room CC has some features that could work.

  3. Vicki says:

    Hard to tell with everyone having sunglasses on. I think sharp focus on the eyes is the best way to really tell if a portrait is good or not.

  4. Sam says:

    I love wide lens portraits, great job!

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