The Kite Runners

February is the month popular for kite flying in Pakistan. Mostly people fly Fighter Kites where the line is coated with ground glass and hence able to cut other kite’s line in mid air. Once a kite is cut, it floats and falls to the ground after a while. The kite runners, hunters, follow these stray kites and claim the loot.

Spotted a small group of kids just out side my house:


The leader:


They were surprised and happy to see someone just out there photographing.

A posed shot:


I insisted for a smile:


He was not alone. All three brothers and another two brothers (will post tomorrow) were hunting kites.

The younger one:


And the youngest:


Notice the weathered skin.

Enjoy. a

All pictures taken with Zeiss C/Y 85mm Sonnar on Fuji XE-1

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2 comments on “The Kite Runners
  1. Asee says:

    Hunters become haunted………………………

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