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Arabica…Arabic Style

We all know that coffee was discovered in the land of Arabs. however, the Arab style to make coffee is quite different. It is called Gava or Kehva and basically means a ‘brew’. Traditionally the coffee beans are slightly roasted

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What kind of coffee you like?

Now a days I am trying different ways to make a good cup of coffee. I use Maxwell ground coffee in a drip machine at office. At home, I grind beans fresh and: 1. Brew in a drip machine or

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Well, today WP notification told me that now 1001 bloggers follow my blob. In reality though, 1001 should be interpreted as a binary number which comes out to be 9. And that is about the right number of bloggers (out

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Painting sans brush

Someone shared this on Facebook. Please spare 10 minutes and enjoy this unique talent.

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Going to Lahore

Going to visit Lahore over the weekend. My models are waiting: Will try to shoot some new stuff.  

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A Special Day Today

Today was a special day for me.  After serving for 27 years, I retired and today was my last day at the office. After cooling off for a while, I plan to join a university to teach and do research

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No post today

Well my external hard disk is corrupted and I cannot read the folder containing most of my picture. Right now the system is scanning it. It will take a while. I hope my photos are recovered. Wish me good luck.

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