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Floating. Almost. Shot with Fuji XE-1, 12mm Rokinon Advertisements

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The Pakhtun community is known for decorating their means of transport be it a bicycle, motorbike, car or a truck. A couple of guys came to my house once a week to take care of the lawn. First the bicycle

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Truck Art

Decorating trucks in Pakistan is an art form. Paint, reflective tape are common materials used. See for yourself. And enjoy.

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Hunza…The Community

Hunza is a close-knit community and several programs are run for the benefit of the people. We visited a workshop where women learn the craft and make wooden furniture. The products are then sold. The women working there are also

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Rotate for Portrait

While photographing my nieces I stumbled upon this trick. Instead of talking a straight portrait with camera level, rotate it slightly clockwise or anti-clockwise for two different poses. An example: Clockwise rotation of camera: Anti-clockwise: It works best for close

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Painting sans brush

Someone shared this on Facebook. Please spare 10 minutes and enjoy this unique talent.

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Some paintings by kids

Along with calligraphy, the kids also participated in painting competition. The topic was obviously space. Here is a sample: And two of my favorites: O, what imagination! Enjoy.

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