The Wall

Everyone is talking about Trump’s wall. Well, there have been walls before like Berlin Wall and even Great Wall. Found a different type of wall in the vicinity.

We went to take some photographs of kids in a sort of slum area. The kids were really happy to be photographed.

An empty plot of land is perfect for dumping:

some live in mud houses. But they keep the front of the house clean:

The Wall:
The slum is right next to a posh area and we the fortunate ones do not like to witness the misery of the poor live around us. So, very conveniently, we build a wall.

Will post more later. Enjoy.

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Taking a Break

Transgenders in Pakistan usually are in the field of Entertainment, Begging or …

In the shopping area near my residence we see several of them all dressed up as females, fully made up and begging. In return, they will wish you to have good things in life.

While out for a walk, found these two taking a break. One was smoking and the other was counting the money.


They did not object on being photographed but hid the cigarette and the money in a very subtle way. Afterwards, they would be re-energized and go again for the evening shift.


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Floating. Almost.


Shot with Fuji XE-1, 12mm Rokinon

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The Corner

Had some fun with my Rokinon 12mm lens.



Perspective can be controlled.



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The Pakhtun community is known for decorating their means of transport be it a bicycle, motorbike, car or a truck. A couple of guys came to my house once a week to take care of the lawn.

First the bicycle gardener:


Mild but notice the artificial flowers in the front. He also keeps the tools there:


And the man in action:


His friend rides a motorbike and is more into this decorating thing:


Notice the tools too. The front is more interesting:





And the man in action:



All photos shot with Rokinon 12mm lens on Fuji XE-1.

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Kite Runners -02

Continuing from last post, there were kids from two families. The second is presented here. These two bothers have fair skin and lighter eyes.

The elder one:


This kid is smart. He noticed my retro styled Fuji XE-1 camera and the fact I was shooting through the viewfinder, manual focusing and no chimping. So he asked if I am using a film camera?

On a request to smile:


And the younger sibling:



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The Kite Runners

February is the month popular for kite flying in Pakistan. Mostly people fly Fighter Kites where the line is coated with ground glass and hence able to cut other kite’s line in mid air. Once a kite is cut, it floats and falls to the ground after a while. The kite runners, hunters, follow these stray kites and claim the loot.

Spotted a small group of kids just out side my house:


The leader:


They were surprised and happy to see someone just out there photographing.

A posed shot:


I insisted for a smile:


He was not alone. All three brothers and another two brothers (will post tomorrow) were hunting kites.

The younger one:


And the youngest:


Notice the weathered skin.

Enjoy. a

All pictures taken with Zeiss C/Y 85mm Sonnar on Fuji XE-1

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